Sunday, May 18, 2014

Magic In The World, Part II

Read part one here.

It's generally accepted by people I work with (and people who I surround myself with) that I'm a pretty sciency-type guy. I don't put on airs about religion, faith, or magic, so it comes as something of a surprise to people when the learn that I do believe in the existance of Faerie.

Please note the distinction between "fairies" and "Faerie." The former is an over-used and horribly Disney-fied version of a single member of Faerie. The latter implies an enormous family of mythological creatures, not limited to any particular culture.

Don't confuse this as belief through faith, as I've already discussed having trouble with. This is belief with proof.

There are things that you see when you spend a lot of time out, alone, in isolated areas at night. I've seen lights out in the marshy areas surrounding the local river where there's no cause to be any light. I've seen shadows pass me by with nothing seen to be casting them. I've seen trees shifting positions, and I don't mean just branches; trunks or their shadows moving where there's no cause for them to move.

When I ride my bicycle home from work, if I'm in a rush, I'll take the bike path, and out there... that's where all these things start to come out. Technically, the path closes at sunset, so I'm generally alone for the majority of the trip, aside from the periodic darktard.

In that darkness, things that hide from the light and the city come out to play.