Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TIMM Tag of the Week, Vol 6

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Tag: butterfly

At the majority of my art communities, I use a butterfly as my icon. I have taken a small collection of butterfly photographs, and some of my closest friends have bequeathed on me the title of "Orange Butterfly Prince." Through all that, it should come as little surprise that I have a fair collection of poetry that focuses on them as well.

Featured Art:
We're Only Caterpillars
This poem speaks of growth, strength, and beauty. Growth that we can still change into something greater than ourselves; inner strength to see and wreck such a change; and such appreciation of beauty such that we see this change as growth and spiritual improvement. All that, which isn't bad for twelve lines.

Saved In Another Timeline
This piece speaks of options and opportunity, and what difference a simple choice can make. Sometimes, it's not the butterfly in China that changes the world by flapping its wings, but the person who decides not live in the environment in such a way that the butterfly may be harmed.

Beside Me
This is just a moment that I was blessed with, several years ago.