Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TIMM Tag of the Week, Vol 7

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Tag: fanfiction

While the majority of my "fan-fiction" is hardly fiction--technically poetry--it is still fan-produced art, based off a world that I am not responsible for building. Many of my poems do obliquely reference other people's work, it is only these pieces that do it openly, obviously, and are intended to be noticed as such.

Of my fan-fiction art, the majority is Harry Potter-based, though other world are certainly graced with my sense of inspiration. The reason behind this is simple volume of material, nothing more.

Featured Art:
Can't Be Used Against Me
Of my Harry-Potter-based fan-poetry, this may be the least apparent of its subject. It is intended to reference Hermione Granger's decision to wipe her parent's memories in order to protect both them and herself. This scene takes place at the beginning of the seventh book.

A Meeting of Bobs
This is a mixed-world piece of fan-fiction (and actually is fan-fiction, instead of my usual fan-poetry), and draws together three worlds which contain characters sharing the same name. Those world are (in order): the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, Reboot (TV series), and Mirrormask (movie).

The Magic Drink
While admittedly not one of my better poems, I still feel the statement behind this poem is important, one that fan-fiction writers should read and consider.

Only Sweeter
Normally, I would stop at three as I have with past TIMM Tags, but this ongoing story is a current project, and unusually massive. It blends together every fan-fiction universe I can think of, some of which I suspect very few people will recognize, and gives my readers a closer look into my own multimedia tastes without boring them with a plain list.