Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TIMM Tag of the Week, Vol 8

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Tag: wings

Two weeks ago, the tag was butterfly, and for this week, I have chosen wings. While a few pieces may overlap between the two, I assure you most will not. For those who chose to look through my selection of butterfly-based art, I hope this encourages you to browse my wing-based art.

I write about wings and flight a lot. To me, the ability to fly is one of the greatest possible freedoms, while gravity is one of the most powerful prisons. Some of my poetry with this tag is about achieving this, while the rest is about failing to do so.

Featured Art:
I'm No Icarus
So much meaning in so few lines. This couplet hurts and heals in a single breath. Below the couplet, you'll find a tag used sparingly, and that may one day have a feature of its own: "artist favorite."

No Sin In This Pride
Four lines that are meant to convey hope and reassurance, and maybe a slight underpinning of jealousy, wishing that I could be the person this poem is talking to.

Partially inspired by Douglas Adams' well known quote about flying, this is about not letting doubt hold you down, and is longer than the two previous features combined, showing not all my good winged verse is short.