Tuesday, May 27, 2014

TIMM Tag of the Week, Vol 9

Tag: on writing

It's rather meta, this tag is, all my writing posts about writing, writing poetry about writing poetry, or short fiction, or longer pieces. For those outside of the artistic world, I hope it helps you understand what we artists go through, how we feel as we create. For those who are also artists, I hope it helps you remember that you're not alone in what this burden and blessing makes us feel.

Featured Art:
It's Worse Than Wrestling, February 2, 2014

Even as I try to get the words out, that doesn't stop them from straining against me. It hurts, to feel the words and worlds inside me, straining for release; it also hurts to let them out, but that is more like the sting of iodine on a freshly cut wound, followed by the hollowness of being empty, than the pain of feeling too full.

They Don't Make Lifejackets For This, April 18, 2013
This is about drowning in a train-of-thought, stream-of-consciouness writing session. It's like opening the dam and letting everything flow. The problem with opening up dams is what happens to everything that's downstream: it gets flooded, and I have to be careful not to drown.

The Little Writer That Couldn't, March 21, 2013
This is a play on "The Little Engine That Could," a children's story that's supposed to teach children that if they try hard enough, they can succeed. Each pair of stanzas is a goal I set for myself and my degree of success (or lack thereof). In regards to the last stanza, I'm tempted to go back and edit the number again, because I turned 27 a few months ago, and I still haven't finished any of my novelization attempts.

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