Sunday, July 27, 2014

Controlling the Facade

Nothing at all showed on Rigg's face--not concern, not even interest. Not that Rigg couldn't show emotion--but why would he bother when he didn't know anyone was watching?
 - from "Pathfinder" by Orson Scott Card

I do this too: if there's nobody around who I need to show what I'm feeling inside, I stop putting the effort into displaying emotion on my face. It doesn't take effort to keep it on there, unless I'm pretending, putting on a show for work or family. If I don't put on the show, people thik I'm angry or upset, but it's just my resting expression, which shows no emotion at all.

I'm a very solo person, if you hadn't noticed by now. If there's any "real living" I do, it's through my words, and they do all the feeling and expressing; nobody needs to see my face if they do see it at all.

Strong emotions still shine through on their own, if something upsets me, or seems humorous, it will come out without me interfering with it, unless I choose to, which again brings into account effort. Sometimes, I just need every amount of effort and internal processing power I have to think something or several things through, and facial expressions are one of the first things to go.