Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mid-Week Update: Hoping for Writer's Block

That seems like a strange thing to hope for, but lately, I feel like I'm being too productive, at least in terms of this blog. I have too many posts, too many things I want to share with you, and the scheduled posts are pushing out past September.

I don't dare push them out faster than one a week (not counting TIMM Tags and TWIDCH) because I tend to get better viewership when I give you folks a whole week to digest a post, rather than pushing them out any faster.

I'm trying to redirect my energy into other areas, from posting more writing to TIMM to getting a place to post my visual art, and giving a few other, newer projects a try.

Remember, if you want a preview of upcoming posts and an opportunity to weigh in on what posts come next, you can swing by Patreon and pledge 10 cents or more per week. How would you like to decide what post comes next? Maybe there's something in the queue that's more important or interesting to you. TIMM Tags and TWIDCH posts don't count toward paid posts (and never will).