Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TIMM Tag of The Week, Vol 15

Tag: death

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had

 - "Mad World" by Gary Jules

Just because some pieces are about death doesn't mean they have to be sad. Admittedly, some of them are sad or depressing, but some of them are actually meant to be funny!

Don't fear these pieces just because you fear death. Don't avaoid these pieces just because you avoid thinking about death. It doesn't have to be all about pain and loss and sorrow. Here, let me show you.

Featured Art:
"How To Know You're Living Right," Sunday, May 19, 2013
This poem is about bucket lists and how unnecessary they should be. If you have a bucket list, you're living wrong. Don't live like you'll have time to all those things before you die, live like you might die tomorrow, and do as much as you can today.

"Denial of Service," Tuesday, November 6, 2012
What would you do if you did have a bucket list, and you finished all your wishes early, but death didn't come? What would you do if you'd made all your preparations, arrangements and such, but death didn't come? What if you tried to die, but were denied? I have no idea what would happen, but this poem is about asking Death to stop taking his own sweet time.

"Time Enough," Saturday, November 4, 2006
I lost someone very close to me once, and it comes back to haunt me periodically. This piece isn't so much about my loss, but for waiting for my own time to come so we could spend the next part of life (read: death) together. This one is meant to be about hope.