Sunday, September 14, 2014

Life Is All About Pretending

"I'm a scholar, pretending to be a soldier because I'm large and strong and because I couldn't find any other work that would keep me alive."
 - Olivenko, from "Ruins" by Orson Scott Card

We all play games of pretend: pretending to be nice to each other, pretending to care what somebody thinks, pretending to want something... life is full of moments where it seems more acceptable to pretend when we actually feel the reverse: it's all about protecting someone, and sometimes that someone is ourselves.

I work in customer service, and though my actual job description and place of employment rarely stay the same for more than three consecutive years, the primary aspects of it all stay the same: I have to pretend to care what trouble the customer has because I know that without them, I wouldn't be receiving a paycheck; and the customer has to pretend to care about my existence long enough to t get an answer for whatever assistance they need from me.

I work in customer service because I'm good at pretending to care and I can't find any other work that will keep me alive, and all the same, it's slowly killing me, all this pretending.