Sunday, October 5, 2014

IIWK: Security Questions

In this digital day and age where it's practically impossible to do much of anything without having an online account or three, be it banking or paying your utility bills, we all know what security questions are like.

Your mother's or grandmother's maiden name, your birth town, the name of your childhood hero, the bumper sticker on your car, or your favorite or ideal travel destination are all common security questions. They're all designed to make sure you are really you when you come calling on any place that holds your personal information.

Except, when the services come calling you, what's to prove they're really what they say they are? Honestly, caller ID spoofing is so easy, teenagers are doing it to each other as pranks. It only takes a few minutes, and next thing you know, it looks like I'm calling from the White House switching board. I know how to do it, even though I don't engage in it.

We need security questions the other way around, some way to identify that it's really the bank or the utility company calling and not just a spoofer looking to scoop up enough data to steal my or your identity.

Celebrate National Cyber Security Month by changing your passwords! (You should do it regularly anyway.) You can find more posts about internet security right here.