Wednesday, December 24, 2014

DreamC: DC Reviews

DreamClassier Reviews is probably one of the oldest members of the DreamC Network, and has the highest views-to-post ratio, surpassing even DreamClassier itself.

If I've written a review on anything, through DreamClassier or elsewhere since the founding of DC, it will appear on DC Reviews eventually. No, that's not where they go to die; that's where they go to thrive.

DC Reviews also serves as one of my primary income-driving sites, pushing dimes more than any two of my other websites. (If I didn't live in Illinois, that would be higher still, damn you, Illinois state laws). But that really doesn't mean much; on a good month, I draw in a little under two dollars; mind you, that's not two dollars of profit. I average putting in about ten dollars a month.

If eight dollars a month in the red seems like penny stocks to you, I'd invite you to stroll over to my Support page and make them more of a molehill and less of a mountain for me.