Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DreamC: Open Your Eyes and C

If you hadn't heard, more work spaces have opened up in the last year to allow me to post more things, do more things, share more things. DreamClassier is just one of those things, and while it started as a dream advice guide, it has quickly grown into so much more.

However, despite all that DreamClassier has come to offer, I felt that there were still some things that didn't belong, that weren't right for this space. So I made more spaces.

Aside from a couple of early additions, all of them have names running DreamC____r; that was the inspiration that came to me all those months ago, and I have striven to maintain that format since, even at the potential cost of more catchy names. This was done in an effort to unify them under a semi-cohesive "brand," the DreamC Network.

As no page has drawn as many views, followers, and responses (most of the latter in the form of the Wiggin Effect) as DreamClassier, the first and original, I will be skipping this page in my summary and review of the DreamC member sites. Besides: you're already here.