Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DreamC: DreamConsultier

If you've been following DreamClassier since the beginning, you've seen me post a fair number dreaming and lucidity guides and advice. Since I've started spreading out and covering more and more topics and ideas, these have unfortunately become buried in the mix.

f you haven't been reading my material very long, you might have no idea of this available material that I've compiled and shared.

DreamConsultier is intended to pull the dreaming needles out of the haystack. While any future guides will continue to be posted on DreamClassier, they will also be mirrored on DreamConsultier. And as I've found in my blogging experience on here, instead of spamming out all my guides at once, I'll be sticking to my one-a-week schedule, except on Saturday afternoons instead of Sunday mornings.

Check out DreamConsultier for your self.