Sunday, January 4, 2015

Easier to Find Volunteers When You Pay Them

Garbage islands are a big problem. Cleaning them up seems like a hopeless task, because the refuse has to go somewhere, and if it is just dumped back into landfills, it will end up back where it started, and our planet no better off for it.

The worst of the problem consists of small particles of plastics. Here's The big question: what uses can those particles be put towards, such that a market can be built around them and make rescuing them from the sea (and the sea from them) worthwhile?

I know that old car windows can be broken down and used as filter media for swimming pools; is the same thing possible for plastic particles? Sand is often added to concrete or paint to add traction; could plastic be used as well?

Once you find a marketable use for the refuse, incentivizing it's cleanup is relatively easy.