Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DreamC: DreamCruder

If you think that all my material is safe for work, safe for the whole family, despite the sensitive topics I may touch on... you're sorely mistaken. For the most part, I generally keep it off the front page and post a warning on it. If it's due for an art community, I used to post that sort of thing under a separate account.

Now, however, it all has a place: DreamCruder.

Unlike the pairing of TIMM and DreamCreativer that split the artistic realm between written and visual, DreamCruder gets the whole kit and kaboodle: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, digital art, the lot.

By nature, there isn't a lot there, and that's just because I don't produce much, and what I do produce has to be dug out of a variety of sources. Some of it's even on TIMM (but won't be for much longer)

If you do swing by, be forewarned: there aren't maturity warnings on every post. Once you're through the front door, I'm done with the hand-holding, and you may not like everything that you see. If you find something that you don't like, that contradicts your moral, ethical, or religious perspectives, you best stop looking at it, because it sure isn't going away.

In the words of paraphrased words Lois Keidan, if you go where you're not welcome, don't expect me to cater to you.