Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Psychology of Hidden Pockets

It is in the nature of humanity to do one of two things when being grilled for the location of something that they've hidden: either to glance surreptitiously at its location when they feel it is most threatened, or to double-cross themselves and try to look everywhere but the place it's hidden when they think they're being observed for the former.

The best solution, then, to hiding something, is to forget where you've hidden it. If you don't know where it is, you can neither betray what is hidden, nor double-cross yourself.

By the nature of hiding something, you put it somewhere special in your mind.Most people have somewhere in particular that they hide things, or if not one place, then a very short list of places. Those places are highlighted in their mind when they mentally and visually survey their surroundings, and they're more likely to betray those locations by one of the two methods: performing an excessive investigation of the area for tampering, or perform a lackluster investigation of the area for tampering.

I offer a solution:

Hide things everywhere.

Every nook and crevice in your surroundings is a potential location for hiding something. That act of hiding can be through secreting things into a dark nook, placing them inside something less innocuous, and even leaving them out where they might be spotted but dismissed because "it's too obvious."

I recently posted my latest and largest craft-costume project on my art page as "completed," but that's false. The cloak will never truly be finished, as I'm constantly conceiving and adding more hidden pockets and sheaths and intricacies, much along the lines of my proposition above. If I were to be mugged on the street whie wearing the cloak, I will have more pockets and places where things are hidden that I can't even keep track of them all, despite the fact that I've hand-sewn every last one of them. They may take my phone, my wallet, and my knife, but they'll never locate all of my cash, because even I can't remember everywhere I've stashed it. As such, I can not betray myself entirely.