Sunday, March 22, 2015

An Unfortunate Industry

There's a sad industry in the world these days. I like to call it Involuntary Hospitality; namely, keeping people somewhere they don't want to be.

Now, I accept some aspects of this industry are necessary; ugly but necessary. They ensure people are kept from injuring others. People are typically familiar with these: prisons. The problem I find is with those places that prevent people from deciding they don't want to be in this world any longer.

From hospitals and mental institutions to doctors and hotlines... even the government-subsidized police force are more than eager to step up and prevent you from leaving. And of course, charge you an arm and a leg for the unwanted favors.

I myself have been a victim of this effect, and suspect I will too long be paying for it, financially and emotionally.

I revisit my belief in the need for a medical bill of rights. Everyone should be allowed to decide they want to leave, and not be punished or drugged or imprisoned for it.

As I said last time: I said a right to suicide. I do believe that people should have the right to end their own lives, at least as long as there isn't someone who wholly depends on them...

You can read more of my views on the topic here.