Sunday, April 19, 2015

Take Back The Internet: NLE;DR

The problem with the Internet Generation (kids who've always had a computer in their home) is that they tend to have shorter attention spans than those of us who actually had to play outside (or read books, what blasphemy!). As that generation has grown older, their need for quick gratification has gotten worse.

If you've frequented any place on the internet that set the Internet Generation and prior generations, you've probably encountered that abbreviation "TL;DR." This is short for "too long; didn't read," and is the bane of writers like myself.

I propose a weapon of our own in the Battle of Attention Spans: NLE;DR. That is, "not long enough; didn't read."

In other words, "it's not worth my attention to devote myself you your characters because you (the creator) aren't willing to invest the effort to build a decent world and life for them." Or "I don't want to chance falling in love with your characters, only to be disappointed by the lack of material you create."

No surprise if it doesn't take on, but I'm totally using it.