Sunday, May 17, 2015

IIWK: Boarding Lobby Ticket

Pre-September 11th it was no big deal for your family to actually send you off from the waiting area, instead of the security checkpoint. The endless threat of more attacks and the overburdening increasded security has changed all that. Now, you can't get through the security gate without a boarding pass, and why?

Because a boarding pass requires identity verification and limits the size of your send-off party to just those that are coming with you.

What we really need (shy of cutting back security, yeah good luck with that) is for airlines and terminals to start issuing Lobby Passes that require the same identity verification as boarding passes (and I'm not saying they should be free), that allow some family members to send-off their flying companions the old way: from the far side of the checkpoint.

Not only would it allow more heartfelt send-offs, but for the businesses located on the far side, an increase in customers as well. By all means, forbid or restrict to a greater degree what sort of "luggage" Lobby Passes can carry, down to a minimal purse, one small bottle of water, and one smart device (tablet or smartphone, not both).

This will further help maintain a sound degree of security as well as reduce the number of people congregating around power outlets, because they can use their families as entertainment instead of their electronics.