Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FYOT: Find Your Own Truth (New Series)

First there was IIWK, and then there was MBWS. Now, introducing FYOT.

In the first episode of FYOT, I'll be taking a close look at a very specific verse of the Bible, a text that has been translated and re-translated, interpreted and re-interpreted, and each and every person between the original scribe, the church, and the publisher has dipped their hand in and skewed the text to get their own meaning across.

That's what this series is for: reversed-bias cross-interpretation of non-English texts.

Consider yourself forewarned: if nobody gets offended, then somebody isn't paying enough attention. While I don't mean to say that any body of belief is false in their beliefs, I only wish to draw attention to falicies made by human error.

The Bible and other ancient writ may have once been The Word of God (whose god is another matter entirely), that really only applies to the original Hebrew or Greek or Latin.

I've decided to take some space to challenge non-Hebrew, non-Greek, non-Latin translations, and judgments and rulings made by religions and cultures based on these possibly-false translations.

I am very, very sorry.