Sunday, August 30, 2015

You Don't Know This Loneliness

There is none so blind as those who will not listen.
 - Neil Gaiman

While by and far the majority of people I have attempted to discuss my blindness of faith with to have been completely incapable to conceive of such a possible; for those that do, it is incredibly refreshing.

Too often, when I suggest an inability to accept thing--like supreme deities or magic--on faith alone, people go one of two way: complete denial or disrespectful humor. I can't say I prefer either over the other. Those who tend toward complete denial refuse to belief such a thing is possible, that I'm thinking about it too hard or in denial myself. Those who tend toward disrespectful humor question if I have faith in gravity or science.

Except gravity and science are not immaterial in the sense that I would have to accept them without proof of their existence. I can see and experience proof of gravity, proof of science, friction, tensile strength of matter, evidence that they exist and work. No faith is required.

Any justification in the existence of a supreme deity requires a pre-existing belief. Prayer. Healing. Miracles. If you can handle the razor without cutting yourself, Occam can explain all these things with Causality, Biology, and Human Nature. (The last because nobody writes of or publishes the times it doesn't work, in hopes of making their hero seem larger than life. They don't even count them as actual attempts.)

Of those who are able to consider this handicap (for lack of a better word), there are two additional pools: those who are willing to try to understand, and those who are the same as myself (as such, no exertion is required). I can appreciate the difficulty of those who try to understand in my own struggles to see there perspective: to have faith.

As for those the same as myself... well, I don't think I've met anyone lacking the ethereal "sixth sense" of faith, but I have read and listened to commentaries by one man, who seems to be of the same mind.

His name is Joss Whedon.