Sunday, September 6, 2015

I-Spy: Spot the Mistake

"Never confuse perfection with production. People who don't make mistakes aren't doing anything."
 - Harvey Keck, from "Ancient Shores" by Jack McDevitt

I make mistakes. I make a lot of mistakes. You almost never see them, because they invariably get pushed to the back of the queue until they're wallowing in obsolescence and forgotten. Or they get deleted.

Sometimes, however, they do manage to get published. If I notice, I rectify (if I can) it as soon as possible. Sometimes it has to be pointed out to me. Sometimes, nobody notices.

Some mistakes get mistaken for failed experimentation, and I like to encourage that error.

And sometimes, my best efforts are believed to be mistakes. It's a tough world, even without this writing business.

For all of that, I am certainly no less productive. Visual artists (of which most of my artist-friends are) may have to deliberate every stroke, and envy me for all my "strokes" (letters) are pre-existing. However, it still takes a lot of practice (or a lot of monkeys) to replicate the art that we all build, regardless who or what is doing the work: a monkey, a computer, or us, the artists.