Sunday, September 27, 2015

Interactive Blogs

I'd like to say that I run interactive blogs, but with a shortage of active audience members, that's a hard point to make.

I want to run interactive blogs. I want to bounce ideas off you, you pick them apart and bounce ideas back, and we generate a landslide of concepts for future material. That's all I really want, more than anything else; more than pageviews and advertising revenue.

To some degree, I've succeeded in the with my dream guides. Some small pool of beginner lucid dreamers asks me questions, and I answer them as best I can. If it's a small question, something I feel I can cover in a comment, then I'll limit myself to replying in-thread. But what I really love are those difficult questions, where I have to take time to explain everything out, and that means a whole new post.

With DreamClassier, I've covered a lot of topics and a lot of ground, not just because that's how my mind works (it jumps every which way and thinks about things in a almost non-tangentically way), but also to reach out to as many people as I can. Do you see something you like, something I've talked about once or twice but not enough for your satisfaction? Did I miss a highlight or key point that you think is valid and important? Do you want to play devil's advocate with my thoughts and ideas?

If you said yes to any of these things, what stops you from calling me out? I desperately want that feedback. Please, share it with me.