Sunday, October 25, 2015

Follow-Up: Interactive Blogs

Several weeks ago, I asked the questions:

Do you see something you like, something I've talked about once or twice but not enough for your satisfaction?
Did I miss a highlight or key point that you think is valid and important?
Do you want to play devil's advocate with my thoughts and ideas?
If you said yes to any of these things, what stops you from calling me out?

And lo and behold, I got an answer, which boiled down to this:

a temporary difficulty in explaining (or finding the right words or ways to explain) exactly what it is that's bugging you about my post

Look, it happens to all of us. We get lip-locked or tongue-twisted or brain-flatulated, and the words don't come out quite as smoothly as we'd like, or the explanation of what we're trying to express is foggy and murky, and we're not at all sure how to put it, but we know exactly what we mean to say. It happens to me too, all the freaking time!

However, because I'm both the writer and the editor on this blog, I get to set my own deadlines, so most of you don't see the posts that get canned because I'm having difficulty saying what I want to say. But when the posts get "canned," they don't get thrown out; instead, they sit in my queue until I'm desperate and running low on posts and with a fresher mind, and then I give them another go. If I get lucky, they get scheduled in for an upcoming week, and if not, they continue to sit in the purgatory of my blog draft folder.

Regardless which it is, there's a guarantee of coming back to it.

But if you, my dear audience members, don't say some gobbledegook that has only the barest passing similarity to what you're trying to say, and you don't do it from some registered account that's connected to your email address, and you don't tick that little button in the bottom right corner that says "Notify me," then there's no guarantee you'll think to come back to it.

On the other hand, if you post a comment of you trying to express what you're trying to say, regardless how you might feel yourself stumbling over your words, and if you do it from an account that will allow you to receive notifications when someone replies to it, and if you check that little box that says "Notify me" in the bottom right corner of the comment menu... If you do all that, I will try to puzzle out what you're saying and post a reply.

Sometimes I may get lucky, and what I think you're trying to say will be what you're actually trying to say. Sometimes I'll get unlucky, but if that happens, you'll have a notification in your inbox reminding you to give it another shot.

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