Sunday, October 4, 2015

Thought Provoking Comment Contest

In light of last week's post, I've decided to start a contest. It will run for one year, so everybody has more than enough opportunity to participate, and plenty of places to do it.

The contest is really simple: for every comment on any0 of my blogs that generates a new post, you get 10 points. For any top level comment that generates a reply (and I reply generously), you get 1 point1.

The only catch is that you have to use a consistent name2 across all of your comments and provide me with a way of getting in touch3.


The top three commenters will receive, per 100 points4, their choice of the Patreon rewards for support levels of 25 cents or less5.

All commenters will receive credit6 on the posts they generate, including name7 and website8 of their choice.

Fine print
  1. All of my blogs are eligible, including every last one that did and did not make it into the footer down at the bottom of this page.
  2. Top level comments only count toward single-point accumulation, and starting a new thread to continue a conversation does not earn additional points.
  3. So I can keep track of your points and so that I can mention your name when writing the post that you inspire.
  4. Email, please, and I won't share it with anyone. If you don't have a Google account (or don't plan on posting using your Google account), you can send me email via Just make sure you tell me what name you're using to comment with in the email.
  5. 100 to 199 points, pick one. 200 to 299 points, pick two. And so on and so forth. If the top commenter receives less than 100 points... I'll figure something out. The prizes will be valid for no less than one year (for posting queue access and adspace)
  6. Because I don't have the money to provide financial-based rewards without a financial-based donation. Sorry.
  7. In the form of your name and personal URL linkage.
  8. Psuedonyms and usernames welcome, but family friendly names only. If I feel it has to be censored, I won't even mention it.
  9. Personal websites or blogs preferred, family-friendly content only.