Sunday, November 22, 2015

What People Want, Part 1

Apologies about missing the past few weeks. Jacobson's War is going really well, though my partner had to step down for the month from personal issues. Hopefully, I can keep it going through December, and she's able to try again.

In the meantime, Paris.

If you don't know what's going on, you live under a bigger and heavier rock than I do, but the gist is that Isis sympathizers may or may not be moving under the guise of Syrians and using the mass immigration to shield their movements.

People who have voices that other people listen to warned about the possibility of this sort of thing happening, and then suddenly it looks like it did. Personally, I'm a little disappointed, because if I were in charge of the whole mess, I'd be taking a much longer view; give everybody a little time to settle in to their cover stories, pull their holes in after them, cover their tracks, and wait.

Though, from everything that I've read, especially in regards to the question that I find too few people asking, Isis seems to be bad at the whole patience thing. It's not too terribly surprising, since so many of the sorts of people who are trying to join up with ISIS seem like the sort who are terrible at the whole personal-discipline matter (which is a prerequisite for patience).

ISIS is trying to hold the world hostage, but do you even know what they want?

Do you know? Think about that for a little bit, before you continue reading. Hell, put a comment down at the bottom with what you think they might want, because though I watch very little news, I've heard nothing about anything or anybody on the news talking about demands, just about the terror they cause.

Go. Comment. I'll wait. When you're done, click here for part 2. (Oh, no, is the link broken? Maybe it will work after you post a comment.)

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