Sunday, November 29, 2015

What People Want, Part 2

Last week, I wrote Part 1. If you missed out, go back, read it, do what it asks, then come back.

Well, to you it's been a week; to me, it hasn't been five minutes. Last week, I asked if you knew or thought you knew what the demands were is the ISIS versus the world's Hostage Crisis.

What ISIS wants is apocalypse. (UK Mirror)
Create a new radical Islamist state. (Miami Herald)
The imminent end of the world (The Atlantic)
They want that [Islamic] caliphate worldwide, including here in the United States (CBS Minnesota)
Winning it clout to attract even more recruits (

That sort of range of answers sounds suspiciously like a veiled "We don't actually know" as much as a "We don't want to tell you and potentially make you want to do something stupid, like laugh at the religious extremists or try to join up." Or maybe they just want a fair number of things, and we're hard-pressed to guess at arranging their priorities in the right order.

Now, I've repeated this before, and I'll repeat repeating it again: No matter how offensive, speech is never justification for violence. Except these people don't want to talk; they just want violence; perhaps the saying should find a reversal of itself.

I think, if they want the end of the world, we should give it to them. It sounds like something of an exaggerated S&M novel, but violence begets violence. I'm not saying it's the right answer, but maybe it's the best one we can hope for.

Besides which, "the end of the world" can mean a great many different things.

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