Sunday, November 29, 2015

What People Want, Part 2

Last week, I wrote Part 1. If you missed out, go back, read it, do what it asks, then come back.

Well, to you it's been a week; to me, it hasn't been five minutes. Last week, I asked if you knew or thought you knew what the demands were is the ISIS versus the world's Hostage Crisis.

What ISIS wants is apocalypse. (UK Mirror)
Create a new radical Islamist state. (Miami Herald)
The imminent end of the world (The Atlantic)
They want that [Islamic] caliphate worldwide, including here in the United States (CBS Minnesota)
Winning it clout to attract even more recruits (

That sort of range of answers sounds suspiciously like a veiled "We don't actually know" as much as a "We don't want to tell you and potentially make you want to do something stupid, like laugh at the religious extremists or try to join up." Or maybe they just want a fair number of things, and we're hard-pressed to guess at arranging their priorities in the right order.

Now, I've repeated this before, and I'll repeat repeating it again: No matter how offensive, speech is never justification for violence. Except these people don't want to talk; they just want violence; perhaps the saying should find a reversal of itself.

I think, if they want the end of the world, we should give it to them. It sounds like something of an exaggerated S&M novel, but violence begets violence. I'm not saying it's the right answer, but maybe it's the best one we can hope for.

Besides which, "the end of the world" can mean a great many different things.

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  1. "The end of the world" does mean several things, I agree. All it -has- to mean is 'an end to what is current'; whether it's bringing an end war (which was a suggestion of mine), to taking control of what they can (that about the caliphate), or about anything else.

    And I'm afraid that we're going to have to all come together and strike them as they do us. Which'll be difficult because it's near impossible to see who are just Muslims trying to get through life vs the ISIS mess. And I'm sure you've heard that ISIS is trying to make other Muslims join them with that tactic.

    Whatever we end up doing, it's just going to be a sad mess. But that's the other side of the coin to 'defend our people'.

    1. Also, another thing that would be difficult for us. We, everyone that ISIS is attacking, are going to have to come together. That's a difficulty in the easiest of times. What makes the belief that we'll be able to do it under stress?


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