Sunday, December 20, 2015

IIWK: Self-Defense Training

In most of the US, sex education is a required course for all high school students to graduate (minus a few who get religious exemptions, though that really isn't doing them any favors). While I'm not going to argue that it's not a relevant course (it certainly is, in this day and age), I feel there's another course that should be required.

If everybody took at least one self-defense course, I think there would be significantly fewer instances where people seeking to do violence to innocent civilians successfully get their jobs done.

Consider how US history might be different if all of the passengers on all of the hijacked planes performed as those on United Airlines Flight 93 did (that was the flight where the passengers rebelled against the hijackers; the plane still went down, but instead of landing in DC, it landed on a at-the-time deserted strip mine). Many lives would still have been lost, but perhaps not quite so many. Towers might have still fallen, but perhaps not such heavily populated ones.

ISIS is at war with The West, with every person living in every country they consider to be "westernized." They're not just at war with the government, they're fighting to take everything they can from everybody, from your money to your daughters to your livelihood, even your sense of security. Everything.

The police and the military can't be everywhere at once, protecting us from every attack, foreign or domestic, physical or psychological; but everywhere in the US that is a target is a place in the US that has people. If every person can resist the urge to run away and hide under a desk and let somebody else deal with it, then we stand a much better chance of actually winning the war on terror.

Because that's the thing about terrorism: if you're scared, they're winning.

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