Sunday, December 6, 2015

Post-NNWM Report

As some of you may know, this past month, I participated in National Novel Writing Month, and as usual, I set my own goals. It's not enough for me to push out fifty thousand words of fluff, due to hit the cutting floor for (Unofficial) National Novel Editing Month (December).

Instead, I strive to build a quality world, one that I can fill not just with the contents of one novel, but rather one that I can revisit many times over the course of my career. While I do strive to output as many words as I can, my goal is to make them words not only that are almost certain to make the final draft, but also that I can publish as the month progresses.

I also find that bouncing ideas off another tends to provide exponential growth to the inspirational landscape, unfortunately, that seemed to fall through this year.

Nonetheless, clocking in at just under ten thousand words (a new record), I present to you: Jacobson's War.

That link connects you to the story-map, which allows you to navigate all my major characters' lines. As I continue to write through NaNoEdMo (since I have scarce little Ed-ing to do), the map will continue to be updated.

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