Sunday, February 14, 2016

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another

Lawmakers were stymied last summer when the Supreme Court of the United States legalized same-sex marriage across the country. Unfortunately, that only took one quibbling point of their agenda, as they continue to try to do stupid things, with or without the consent of their electors.

I'm writing this with the intent of bringing to light wasteful (in terms of funding, time, and prosecution) anti-bicycle legislation. (Not to say there isn't plenty of other abused regions where lawmakers are trying to do stupid thing.)

Recently, it was Missouri, trying to get bicyclists to be required to attached a fifteen-foot-tall pole with an orange flag at the top to increase visibility. Except most drivers can't be bothered to look around their car's level for bicycles, why would they bother to look up for flags? Not to mention to problem with bridges and tunnels with ceilings less than fifteen-feet...

And again, this previous week, it was South Dakota, trying to get bicyclists to dismount whenever a faster-moving vehicle tries to pass them, which instead of banning bicycles on certain roads, is intended to frustrate bicyclists to the point where they stop riding.

Well, you know what? While you were behind me waiting for me to pull to one side and dismount, you were traveling at the same rate as I, and since we're traveling at the same speed, I don't have to dismount.

Not to be stopped there, do you know what's an even greater hazard to moving traffic and accident-free roads? Pedestrians. Take bicyclists off their bicycles and that leaves you with pedestrians. Good luck trying to ban that next, the state will take to the streets (literally).

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  1. I am so sorry to read that they're being even stupider about cyclists. The utter hell is wrong with them?
    Keep imagining it as something like this:
    "How dare these people get to where they're going without paying stupid rates for gas!! MAKE THEM PAY FOR SOMETHING! INCONVENIENCE THEM BECAUSE WE HAVE TO BE!"

    Here's hoping that some of these folks find that they're not supposed to be sitting on their so called brains.

    1. I think they're angry that bicyclists don't have to sit and be grumpy in traffic.

    2. No doubt. All I can say is the only reason they think they're being smart--they're sitting on their so called brains all day, never getting up and exercising it!


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