Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's (Nearly) The Anniversary of My Birthday and I'll Be Semantically Precise If I Want To

Actually, Wednesday is my birthday, but I won't have a Sunday birthday until 2025, and I didn't want to put this post off for that long. If I'm still going in 2025 (and I certainly hope so!) I'll probably just do a re-release.

Your birthday is the day you're born, so unless you're coming out of the womb as big as you are now, you best be celebrating its anniversary instead. And don't try to pull "I'm just celebrating my birthday happening [so many] years ago on this day," because that's what anniversary means; stop pulling my leg, stop arguing for the sake of arguing, and agree with me.

Why should you just let it go? Let me have Wednesday; it's my birthday anniversary, after all. (Really, it is; at half-past three, I'll be 29.)