Sunday, March 20, 2016

In the beginning... I wouldn't write politics

But times change, and some things keep getting worse...

The EIU has rated Donald Trump's presidency "one of the top 10 risks facing the world" (according to the BBC). He beats out jihadist economic destabilization. A guy with more money than sense is more dangerous than a radicalized terrorist group; that's just wrong.

What he has planned for the US (at least as far as his campaign promises are concerned), is essentially sakoku. He wants to isolate the country, either by physical obstruction (that damn wall of his) or by ostracization. Japan tried it already, and it did nothing but harm their economic strength.

This country is in shit enough shape as it is, putting a monkey at the helm is tantamount juvenile irresponsibility. He needs to lose. He needs to lose badly, for all our sakes. Too bad we can't kill him without creating a martyr...

(Seriously, though: if he expects Mexico to pay for the wall, it will have more holes than a chainlink fence.)

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