Sunday, April 10, 2016

In Defense Of Not Voting

We live in a representational democracy, more or less, and by we I mean my US audience. While some people might get confused or forget about what or why this country was founded, what matters is why we celebrate and defend this country:


Whether it's about speech, opinion, religion, who we fall in love with, or where we go in life, it's about freedom.

Freedom stops at force. When you start mandating by law that people do something, a little bit of that freedom slips away. Requiring people to have insurance, for one, though I think it's a great thing (mostly because too many people can't be trusted to be smart about their safety or the safety of others). Requiring identification, speed limits, licensing... Every law and policy is a limitation on freedom.

Some of those things we're willing to live with. Some of those things we try to fudge for some wiggle room. Some we break with complete conviction.

Forcing people to participate would be another theft of freedom. For all the things you're willing to give up, the choice of participation doesn't seem to be one.

And I'm okay with that. I've been eligible to vote for over a decade, and yet this is the first election I've done so.

Everybody has their reasons, for whether they do or don't participate, and regardless how petty they may seem to anyone else, I'm willing to accept them, and you should too.

Even if it means accepting that they have the freedom to ruin freedom for a lot of other folks too.

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