Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Wars We Don't Fight

I don't go down easy
I don't go down quiet
I've never lost a war
Unless I didn't fight it.
 - "You Were Wrong" by Icon For Hire

The hardest war that few fight and many lose is that of giving in to mental illness. Depression is but one of the culprits, one that I am all too familiar with. The trick to getting out is theoretically simple, practically impossible. You just have to find your cure.

It's one of the hardest things to do, especially when you're beset by the symptoms that typically include despair, hopelessness, and the desire to be left alone.

It's a war that lead singer Ariel Bloomer is no stranger to. You can feel it in her lyrics, her vocals, and her songs and music videos don't hesitate to show that she and her bandmates have been to that great dark abyss.

"Get Well" is a clear testament to this, citing, "I meant it when I said I wanna get well/Are the rest of you so content/Stay where you are but it hurts like hell." The music video removes ambiguity in these lyrics, taking place in what is clearly intended to be a padded room in a mental institution.

Except they're not done yet. With a recent split from their record label, Icon For Hire is writing a new record that is fan-funded, entitled You Can't Kill Us. Their Kickstarter campaign has already released three of a dozen new songs, one of which is quoted above. The others, "Supposed To Be" and "Here We Are" continue the trend of emphasizing and humanizing the struggle of escaping from debilitating mental illnesses.

Why are we still sad
When we gonna wake up happy?
Why are we still sick
Tell me what I'm missing in this
Why we gotta hurt so badly?
 - "Here We Are"

Tell me how I'm supposed to be now
Make me better
I can't stay half-way dead forever.
 - "Supposed To Be"

For anyone still looking for their cure, if Icon For Hire's honest words aren't it, they sure can help tide you over for a little bit longer, help keep you from slipping deeper into that dark abyss.

As for me, I found my cure in people and Eddie.

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