Sunday, May 15, 2016

MBWS: Copacetic

Today everything is so copacetic
Tomorrow you sad and blue
Tell me what does it profit people
To speak of and not do

 - "New Time and Age" by Ziggy Marley (YT)

Are we copacetic? Are we behaving now?
 - "A Life Less Ordinary" by Motion City Soundtrack (YT)

The English language, it seems, has a surplus of words meaning "good" or "fine" or "okay," but the problem with most of those words is that they're frequently used flippantly or sarcastically.

Copacetic is different.

If everything all hunky-dory, and you really mean it, use copacetic. If it's hip, sound, cool, chill, sweet, fresh, and you're not in the least bit salty about it, copacetic is the word for you.

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