Sunday, May 8, 2016

New Project

I'm horrible when it comes to starting new projects, and by horrible, I mean that I start new projects more than I finish old ones (though to be fair, most of my projects are the sort that's ongoing, and doesn't have an end point).

I invite you to come over to, which is my new video platform. Currently, it's exclusive to YouTube, and currently, it's just me playing games with music playing, but that's scheduled to change.

For starters, I'm in the process of joining a Minecraft server. With that is going to be extended commentary about the world and what I'm building and experiencing.

After that, I hoping to start looking at alternate video hosting services.

Beyond that, who knows?

Here's what you're getting:
  • Game reviews and recommendations (beyond those for android devices that I already do)
  • Music samplers (all the music in my videos is released under Creative Commons; that means it's free, though what you can use it for changes based on the particular CC license)
  • Sneek peeks into the future entries of DreamClassier (where do you think I get much of my inspiration from?)
So swing by, follow me, and enjoy the ride.

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