Sunday, May 29, 2016

Schedule In Stone

It's a relief to finally have my play channel conforming to a controlled posting schedule. It means less stress on me when it comes to capturing any given weeks' or nights' content, and it puts a sense of regularity for the benefit of my audience; if there's something you want to watch, you're well informed of the best time to tune in.

Here's the plan:
Mondays - Minecraft
Tuesdays - U-Play
Wednesdays - Grab Bag
Fridays - Multiplayer with Friends
Saturday - Steam Games
Sunday - Civilization and 6-degree games

While the schedule is more or less set in stone, it will take a little while for my pre-schedule videos to settle out into their respective slots, and I hope you'll spare me some patience on it, because I have some series (most notably my Unepic and Cave Story plays) scheduled out through July.

I also don't as of yet have any U-Play games to play, and am still quite unfamiliar with the platform. But it's coming, I promise!

(And sorry for missing last week... the days just flew by faster than anticipated, and right now I'm struggling to pull a queue together.)

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