Sunday, June 12, 2016

Revisiting Non-Teleological Pantheism

Six years old and still my number one post is the original NTP article, from January of 2011.It's not in first by much, but the top three posts are by and far outstripping everything else. (Four is also in a class of it's own, and they're the only posts of mine to thus far break 1000 views. They're also the only posts to show up regularly in search terms.)

It's one this to write about a spiritual perspective and then never talk about it again, possibly because views have changed and pointed in a different direction, but for me, here, that's not the case. I still believe in what I wrote all those many moons ago, and in the meantime, my beliefs have strengthened, solidified.

I Identify As Pagan
When asked what I believe in, "Pagan" is usually the first word out of my mouth. It's not untrue, as Pantheism does fall under the umbrella of Paganism, but it's not precisely what I believe, and the views of Pagans vary greatly. I've met Reconstructionist Pagans, Naturalists, and even a Panentheist (we had a nice chat).

The reason I call myself a Pagan is that most people have some vague idea about what the Pagan umbrella covers, so it requires minimal explanation and minimal effort. Most of the people who ask are not those that are worth spending much time explaining, defining, and (especially) defending my views. For these people, I can say Pagan and walk away.

If, instead, I were to introduce NTP, those are some pretty big words, and uncommon to boot, so I generally have to break it down for them, in addition to defending myself.

Non-Exclusive Monotheist
This one came up only very recently, in a question about monotheism versus polytheism, in an online Pagan-centric forum. The non-pantheist pagans there were predominantly polytheistic, and the pantheist pagans were almost exclusively monotheistic. I'm... not.

When I seek out my Goddess, I view Her as the Earth. Just our little blue planet and nothing more. I don't include the sun, I don't include little Luna, I don't include any other bodies in our planetary system or the rest of the universe.

When (not if) humans colonize other planets, I will have reason to add to my "personal pantheon," but I won't add them to my personal worship unless I visit or move there.

So I worship one planet, one Goddess, but I welcome the possibility of including more in my pantheon.

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