Sunday, July 3, 2016


In order to save the world, first I have to destroy it.
 - every fiction writer ever

To make a story worth reading, you need to destroy someone's world. Whether that's a literal destruction, end-of-days sort of thing, or merely a relatively minor event in the grand scheme of things but seems serious because it's happening to You makes little difference. Something bad has to happen in order for someone to save the day.

That's how fiction works.

Sometimes, that's how reality works too: before you can fix what's wrong in the world, you have to let (or even encourage) the situation to get way worse. It's not a happy thing to watch or to do, but sometimes that's the only way.

I've expressed before in other places that although I'm a staunch libertarian (in polite company only, otherwise I'm a moderate rational anarchist) in this current political season, I'm a proud backer of Mr Sanders. While our personal politics do not align, which is the qualifying factor for how most people vote, I feel (or felt) that Mr Sanders is more aligned with the needs of this country than any of the other presidential candidates.

But just because he could and would do a lot of good for righting the wrongs that this country has fallen in to, resurfacing the potholes of American economics, so to speak, maybe he's not what we really need right now. Maybe things have to get worse first.

And if you really want the situation in the US to get worse, there's only one candidate running who's a clear and obvious fit for the job.

Originally, I was tempted to "write in" Mr Sander's name on the December ballot... but now I'm suspiciously tempted to vote Republican. I wouldn't be voting against anyone (which I'm morally opposed to, thus why this is the first year I've voted), but I'd be voting with the clear and honest intention of making the situation in the US worse than it already is, hoping that in four more years, Mr Sanders can better appeal to the country in its worsened condition.

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