Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mr Bossman and the Terribly, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Order

I am not a malicious person at heart (though I might be a liar (that was a joke)).

But there are times when "the best of my ability" comes out as the literal words of what I am told but probably not the intent. Case in point: Mr Bossman, whose name is [redacted], but I generally call BMOC (to not confuse him with the three-ish other male bosses I have) gave me a stupid order a couple of weeks back. As he is my boss, and therefore might as well be God (at least in his own eyes), I feel obligated to adhere to it.

It's called malicious compliance.

The backstory isn't important (unless you really want to know, it's available on my podcast), but suffice to say that he told me not to talk to anybody anymore who isn't a supervisor. Fortunately for me, I hardly talk to anybody anyway, so it's not a struggle to keep my mouth shut, but the enforced mutism does impede my ability to do my job somewhat.

So I got around it. The order specifically refers to the speech-method of communicating with other people, but since I work in a warehouse with a lot of loud machines (and a lot of people who speak barely any English, if some at all), it's common for everybody to communicate with gestures. So that's what I do.

It comes out in another way:

I play on a couple of Minecraft servers, and on one of them, the lead admin has said explicitly that he wants to play alone. That's a silly thing (to me at least) to say on a server, if you want to play alone, make your own world; but he's the guy who pays for it, so fine, whatever.

Except I joined the server primarily to mess with him (we go way back, though not as closely as I'd like). So I am, small pranks here and there, nothing to disrupt his playing, just enough to make it interesting, and not (yet) owning up to being guilty of it. It's meant to be fun, and I worry he takes it too seriously (hopefully not so seriously that he boots me from the server for it).

Here's the thought I had today that triggered this whole matter: I am more obedient when someone gives me a stupid order than when someone gives me a reasonable one. Stupid orders I implement immediately, following the "letter of the law," out of spite, hoping it gets redacted as a result; reasonable orders I add to my workflow, and get to them when I can get to them.

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