Sunday, September 4, 2016

Things We Take For Granted

If you keep up with TIMM, my writing blog, you'd know that I just started a new story, entitled "The Well." [1. 2] While I've been taking every opportunity to pay with alliteration, that's not the only thing you should take note while reading it.

There's little I'm sharing about the characters, but from the first two parts, it's hopefully apparent that the characters are locked in some sort of run-down asylum with a bunch of other children, though the ages of the characters may not be so obvious (especially for Seuss, who may or may not be a lot older than he lets on). With all that in mind, there's still something off about them, especially with the way Sarah and Seuss carry on after hours (found in part 2).

Sorry, I'm still not going to "bare all," you're just going to have to wait for all the details to come to light.

But what I will tell you is that the "asylum" has a severe shortage of access to the outside world. Aside from the scheduled lights-out at the end of the day (and other regularities like meals, that I haven't gotten to yet), there's no indicator of any passage of time. They can't see the passage of the sun or moon or the turning of seasons. These shortages will, I hope, lead the reader to feel more sympathetic of the blight of the cast, right up until the point I share what they're really missing out on, something you and I, though we don't have access to ourselves, all too often swear that we'd never, not ever, take for granted.

At that point, when all the cards are finally on the table, you'll have to tell me how you feel about them.

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