Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hard Things

This is the song I'm scared too write
But some of you may need it tonight.

- "Under the Knife" by Icon For Hire

The thing about writing about the hard topics is you can't flinch from the really, really tough ones. There's a whole manner of ways that subjects can get more and more discomforting beyond the sexual insecurity, social anxiety, and general (and some very specific) internal dread.

If you haven't been bullied, then you've never put yourself out there, on the web or in analog life. If you've never felt insecure of your choices or your actions, then you've never tried something you've never done before, even if it's something so simple as taking an alternate trip home from work. If you've never wondered what it'd be like to be with someone, anyone, in every way that matters, in every sense of the word, then you're lonely without knowing it, but lonely all the same.

I've been bullied.

I've felt insecure.

I've felt anxious.

And yet I still pull out this little soapbox of mine and try to find ways of saying something that means something to me. It's not easy, in the sense of balancing my time (to make time to write something for you), balancing my inspiration (to make something worth writing), and balancing my heart (to keep myself from feeling so broken when I get a lot of people who I know swing by, but hardly any of them can bear to speak up).

But this isn't about all that. (Sorry, I get off track a lot and end up writing about something completely off my intended route, and yet it all seems to come together somehow.)

This is about all the people who red this and don't say anything. You may not be aware, but I feel you. I feel the weight of your souls when you visit. I know you're listening, reading, paying attention (don't worry, no magic tracks), and most importantly: that you're caring.

I hope something I've said has helped you, moved you, inspired you in some way. And for all the blustering about audience interactivity (for which I apologise)... I want this to be a safe place.


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