Sunday, October 23, 2016

Three Party System (Not A Political Post)

It's the fourth Sunday of October, and I've yet to do a post involving National Cyber Security Month. Why?

Well, because It's kind of becoming old hat, the same old tips for keeping yourself secure on the internet really can apply for all your devices, whether you've just one nearly-obsolete computer or a whole array of devices. (I'm tallied at two: a relatively new desktop and a smartphone.)

It's also because people tend to fall into three groups, as far as I can tell: those who don't care, those who care a little, and those who care a great deal.

The first party uses the same password and email address for everything from email accounts to porn websites, to banking and social media accounts; these are the ones who really get burned when any of the social media or lower-security websites gets hacked, and their password gets stolen, because it's a domino effect of compromised account.

The second party uses a special password for each of their high-risk accounts, and everything else gets the same lumped staple that they've been using for the past twenty-old horse-years; they replace their smoke alarm batteries more often than correcting their passwords.[1]

The third party goes overboard. Suffice to say, if it seems like too much effort to do to protect yourself, these folks probably already do it, and more frequently. I advocate my audience change their passwords at least once a year, these folks change passwords several times a year.

In my continuing experience, unless someone experiences a great shock or loss (like having their identity stolen and suddenly realizing that they do actually have something to lose), they're not going to switch parties. Writing a post every year just isn't going to cut it (and passwords are just the tip of the iceberg!)


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