Sunday, November 13, 2016

Politics In My (and Your) face

When Rome's in ruin,...
It's all over now
Before it has begun
 - "Young Volcanoes" by Fall Out Boy

I've tried to avoid talking politics, because like religion, it is very easy to cause a massive divide between people, even if those people essentially want the same thing. But when politics won't leave me alone, I have to stand up and address it.

I'm not upset or angry, or any of those other similar emotions, that Trump won the presidency. (If you remember, I actually made an argument for voting him in a few months ago.) What upsets and disappoints me is the trifecta: a Republican majority in the House and in the Senate, combined with a Republican president. That's a dangerous combination, and can and will lead to the party pushing it's own reform through the system with little barrier.

Now, I still believe that sometimes the best and most efficient way to rebuild Rome is to burn it to the ground first, but the GOP has been making some horrible talk about taking away what I believe to be basic human rights.

You can torch the place without taking away the rights of your people in the process.

There's not a lot of things I'd fight for, but those things I consider inalienable rights are definitely one of them.


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  1. Politics has been in our face this whole time around. It couldn't be focused away from. Sadly, this time, the only thing that I could do was make peace with the fact that he and they've gotten control now.

    It's going to be trouble much as I believe that not a thing is going to change well, but it was decided as soon as Hillary was running on the platform of 'I'm a Woman'. (That's just how I saw her overarching thing. She saw it work for Obama and thought it would do for her, then didn't think to reach further toward the voters themselves.)

    Back to your post. Agreed about being bothered on what the GOP is planning to do. For example, as bad a mess as "Obamacare" turned out being--partly because of them as well?--it still got some people the help they needed.
    And now the Republicans want to take that apart and go right back to the same mess that was causing the healthcare problem to begin with.

    Note that I say 'Republicans'. I don't think Trump fits with them right yet, but I do think he's more of the same 'Rich Man in Charge' in other ways right now.
    ...I don't want him to crash with it either, mind, that would be worse than assuming a pilot will do the same. I'm just so confused with this whole thing.

    1. Wow I said that wrong. XD Obama did /not/ run under the platform of 'I'm a Woman'.


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