Sunday, January 29, 2017

Don't Forget The Other Nine

People fighting for the defense of the second amendment seem to forget about the first.
 - unknown

Don't say they're taking our guns... You don't go to the DMV and say they're taking our cars.
 - Steve Hofstetter

It's hard to fight for something if you don't fully understand what you're fighting for. It's also hard to fight for something if you're only looking for partial fulfillment (I mean, it's hard enough fighting for the whole deal, the full enchilada, but it's harder still if you're just worried about a handful of clauses out of a whole list of amendments).

The Bill of Rights isn't going anywhere. Not freedom of speech, not right to bear arms, not relief from cruel and/or unusual punishment (you forget that one was in there, didn't you?). The whole dealio about warrants and legal search and seizure is up there too, also not going anywhere (that's number four, fyi).

It takes a lot to get rid of them, and me or anybody else saying what they're personal opinions are on you owning one or six or five hundred guns isn't going to change that. But I can voice my opinion; that's written in number one.