Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sometimes Burying Your Head Is The Sand Is The Right Thing To Do

I'm not a big fan of repeating myself, because I'd like to think that the world works the way I do: once I learn a lesson, I tend forget the triggering event that caused me to learn it the hard way, and just remember the lesson. But it doesn't.

There has been and there continues to be a horrible attitude among people, not just in the US, not just on the internet, of going places where they aren't welcome or invited, seeing something they don't like, and insisting that it is up to those hosting and presenting the "issue" to fix it.


If there's something you don't like in the world, stop looking at it. If there's someone on social media who keeps writing and posting things that you don't like, that makes you uncomfortable or uncontrollably angry, that makes you feel something that you don't like feeling, stop looking at it.

Facebook (to name one social media site) has this great feature where you can stop seeing posts from a single source without leaving the base of "followers" of the person who reposted it. I haven't seen a feature like this anywhere else, but those who find themselves in this mire should use it liberally. I know I do.

I know that we have on our hands an unusually controversial political leader. I know that it's not feasible for everyone who has a problem with him to leave the country, let alone his sphere of influence (especially since the isolated tribes in South America aren't accepting new members), but if you don't like what anybody is saying about him, stop listening.

Normally, I would advocate that it is better to be informed and angry than it is to be uninformed and copacetic, but it's not healthy to be angry for long stretches. You can't live your life like that and stay sane, and if you want people to listen to you, to accept your perspective as valid, sanity is something of a prerequisite (unless you have a lot of money, but that's beside the point).

If that means you have to stick your head in the sand and let it all pass by, then that is what you have to do. If that means you have to make yourself ignorant of current events for the betterment of your health and your blood pressure for the next four years, then that is what you have to do.

But it is not your place to tell people what they can and cannot say in public and on the internet.