Sunday, January 15, 2017

Things Look A Little Different When You Are The One Being Bombed

"The theatrics of that choice only exist for your entertainment, and that's why your elections look more like the super bowl than civic engagement."
 - Olivia Olivia, from Unchaste Anthology, Vol 1

Our election is a popularity contest. It's a measure of who can get the greatest number of people to cheer their name, whether you do it in the closet or in the back alley or up on the high road. It's a broken system, but because I have no alternative to offer, I'm not going to suggest we tear it down.

It shouldn't be about parties or skin color or ethnicity or religion. It should be about policies, just policies. What one candidate has to offer the state, the country, the world, instead of which can tally the greatest number of rabble-rousers.

Maybe it should be a double-blind vote. Go down the list of policies you support, unassigned to a name, and whichever holds the majority of your agreement gets your vote. You don't even know who you're voting for, and the ballot itself is educational material. It's a vote for ideas and ideals, not for faces and furies.

Some people will disagree with you simply because you're a registered Dem and they're with the GOP. Politics are in many ways more divisive than whether you pull on a pair of pants or a skirt in the morning, and your genitals be damned.

"It doesn't matter. to us. the bomber. is wearing. a dress."
 - Olivia Olivia