Sunday, February 26, 2017

IIWK: Responsible Subscription Service Fees

We're all subscribed to something. Whether it's phone bills or membership fees. The problem with these services is that you pay for them regardless whether or not you use them. It means more money for the service provider, but what they don't seem to account for is that if you're not using their services, they're actually saving money, whether it's server time, distribution fees, upkeep, or the like.

As I mentioned before, in Disloyalty Rewards, an unfortunate number of companies these days are of the mindset that there are other fish in the sea. They're more concerned with gaining customers than with keeping customers.

It's a shame.

In an ideal world, if you weren't using the subscription for a payment period, they'd give you a discount, or a partial refund, for not using their services.