Sunday, February 5, 2017

IIWK: Unfurnished Room Discount

Suppose you're out traveling with the intent to go backpacking, hiking, camping, and whatnot, but the inclement weather "grounds" you, so to speak. You've got all the gear to be "rooming" in the great outdoors, and all the budget planning for it too, but find yourself stuck finding a hotel room for the night, if not longer.

What if hotels had unfurnished (or under-furnished) rooms available for a discount? Sure, it might be nice to crash on a mattress and full bed, but my experiences sleeping on the ground are that it's about as comfortable as a hardwood floor if I'm lucky, and I don't get lucky often. So forgo the mattress, the bedframe, set up your tent on the floor or just your sleeping pad and bag, and the hotel saves themselves a bit of change on upkeep--laundry, bedding, turn-up and -down services, and even toiletry products.

Better still if they have mounting brackets in the walls and the floor so you can tether down your gear properly, or hang your hammock (if you're one of those people).

If you're in a camping party, you can fit more people in that way, a whole group to the room, and not have to worry about falling out of bed. Sure, there are still safety regulations for maximum occupancy, but "bedrooms" all tend to look and feel a lot bigger when you take out the bed.