Sunday, May 7, 2017

Why Kickstarter is Brilliant

That title is a bit of a tease. You come in here, expecting me to give you the one top reason why I think Kickstarter is brilliant (it will probably be a cheesy reason), and then you'll chew me out in the comments about why I'm wring a why "some other reason" is the why. Or you'll say that it isn't, and the why.

But if you know me, like, really know me, you know my history. If you know my history, then you know my financial history has its ups and downs, but you also know my style history has remained mostly consistent.

Kickstarter is this place where you can buy something today and received it in a few months to years. There's more to it than that, but that's a good gist of what happens.

Knowing my own financial cycle tendencies, it's a sound tactic for my morale to bid on something when I'm sound that might be delivered in the future when I'm not sound (or less so). As long as my purchasing doesn't cause the cinching of belts and the tightening of budgets, it's a grand idea.

If I spent that money on other things, like savings bonds and accounts that mature in a staggered fashion, smoothing out my financial waves, sure, that might look better on paper (or rather, on my electronic statements), but it does minimal for morale. Having something new and shiny (and I'm really good about "maintaining value" in new and shiny things but continuing to enjoy them over long periods) does a lot more for morale.

So the solution then is simple: when I can, do both.